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Pool Cove


Every pool needs a cove to protect the liner, but you have a choice. You can make the cove by hand using tons of dirt, or you can use Gladon's patented Permanent Pool Cove.

Our Permanent Pool Cove™ Offers These Advantages:

  • Is easy to install and saves hours of difficult setup time.
  • Eliminates liner failures due to cove wash out.
  • Provides a smooth, flat surface for easy pool cleaning.
  • Helps prevent corrosion of metal pool parts.
HappyBottom Pool Pad
Above ground swimming pools should be set up on a pool pad. The pool pad provides a smooth surface for the bottom of the pool. A pool pad cushions the liner and helps protect it from objects below the pool. A pool pad is a must, if you are setting a pool up on concrete or asphalt. Our HappyBottom® Pool Pad, the finest in the industry, is made from closed cell polyethylene foam. The foam acts as an insulator, reducing heat loss to the ground. HappyBottom® may be used with the Perfect Pool Bottom® to add that luxurious soft feel to the bottom of your pool.
Perfect Pool Bottom      
Now ! The ultimate protection for your pool bottom. The Perfect Pool Bottom® package consists of a unique hard plastic polymer sheet material, to protect the bottom of your pool, and our Value Cove. The protective sheets are made with our proprietary PPB4000 polymer and provides superior protection for your liner from nut grass and other things in the soil below your pool that can damage the pool liner. The PPB4000 sheets makes pool setup easier by reducing the amount of sand needed under your pool.
Wall Foam
Add years of life to your pool liner! Wall foam is placed between the pool wall and liner during pool installation. The wall foam cushions and protects the liner. Our Waveless™ Wall Foam is very flat and easy to install, unlike common wall foams. The closed cell polyethylene foam also helps reduces heat loss through the swimming pool wall.
Foam Bond
A foam adhesive is used to "tack" the wall foam to the pool wall during swimming pool setup. Our Foam Bond™ adhesive makes installing wall foam fast and easy.
Sure Seam Tape
  Seaming tapes are used to create smooth, flat seams where sections of wall foam and pool pad must be joined together. Our Sure Seam™ tape is specially formulated for swimming pool installation tasks.


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