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Xtreme peel n placeTM Pool Cove

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Gladon's Xtreme peel n place Pool Cove

Tacky Adhesive Backing Adheres To Pool Wall
Super Dense
Extra Strong and Tough
Eliminates Tons Of Dirt
Flexible and Lightweight
Extends Pool Life
Installs In Minutes
Can Not Wash Out
Helps Prevent Corrosion
Over 30 Years Of Proven Performance
Saves Hours Of Installation Time
Easy To Handle 4 Foot Sections
Eliminates Liner Failures Due To Cove Washout

Gladon Xtreme peel n place cove is simply the best adhesive back cove you can buy for your pool. Period. This product provides superior performance and protection for your pool. Extra strong and tough. Super dense to resist compression under the weight of all the water in your pool. Liner failures due to cove washout will be eliminated. Closed cell construction does not absorb or hold water.

Gladon Peel N' Place cove is easy to install in any pool. Just peel off the release paper and place it into position on a clean, dry pool wall. The tacky adhesive backing will hold the lightweight, flexible cove sections in place until the liner is filled with water. Peel N' Place cove is available in a colorful, lightweight floor display carton.

How is Gladon Peel N' Place cove different from the Original Cove??? Like our original cove, this is a 4 inch tall by 3 inch across the base preformed cove made from chemically neutral closed cell Ethafoam. The unique plastic strip found on Original Cove is replaced by a tacky adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered by a clear, releasable film that is peeled away when the cove is being installed. The adhesive backing attaches the cove to the pool wall, whereas the plastic strip locks each section of cove into the pool's bottom rail. Peel N' Place cove must be installed on a clean, dry pool wall and the Original Cove can be installed no matter what the conditions of the pool wall. These conditions may be difficult to achieve depending on the weather and how much dust is created when smoothing out the ground inside the pool.

WARNING ! Not All Pool Cove is the Same

All other brands of pool cove are inferior and do NOT have the density and other properties needed to perform properly under the weight of all the water in a swimming pool. Poor quality pool cove compresses and collapses. This can lead to catastrophic liner failures and other problems. Cheap imitation cove has even been shipped with a warning label right on the box that looked like this ...

Always insist on genuine Gladon Brand Pool Cove Always Insist on Gladon Brand Pool Cove NO Failures With Gladon Pool CoveGladon Cove With InkJet Markings
Each piece of Gladon Brand Pool Cove has printed on it. Look for on your pool cove...this is your assurance it will perform properly and is not a cheap imitation or knock-off.



Display Carton 48 - 4' Sections Xtreme (White High Density Foam) PNP 192X
Display Carton 48 - 4' Sections (Blue Foam) PNP 192XLB
Display Carton 48 - 4' Sections (Lite Foam) PNP 192XL

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