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Gladon Water Noodles
  Gladon's Water Noodles

Unlimited Uses
Fun For Ages 5 and Up
CFC and HCFC Free
Great Impulse Buy Item
Use For Car Seat Safety Programs
Colorful Display Carton
Water And Chemical Resistant

The Water Noodle is a flexible, Fun-In-The-Sun water toy and exercise float that has unlimited uses. People of all ages will have fun just noodling around with it. The Water Noodle can be used for floating, splashing, making waves, exercising, or riding like a seahorse. Possible uses are limited only by ones imagination.

Made from buoyant, lightweight, unique closed cell polyethylene foam, Water Noodles are highly resistant to water absorption and harsh pool chemicals. Excellent tear, tensile, and resiliency mean Water Noodles can take lots of bending, twisting and rough-tough abuse.

Water Noodles are often used in various child car seat safety programs.

Water Noodles are available in attractive display cartons which hold 20 Noodles (4 assorted colors). This great impulse item is so fascinating that they are sure to sell themselves. Each Water Noodle is individually UPC coded.

Water Noodle shapes and colors change regularly. If particular shapes or colors are important for your application, call us for current availability.

NOTE: The Water Noodle is not a safety device. Children should not be left unattended around the pool or water. The Water Noodle should be stored out of direct sunlight to prolong its life.



Display Carton of 20 Standard Noodles - Orange, Blue, Pink and Teal WN 20
Display Carton of 20 Solid Round Noodles - Blue and Yellow SR 20C
Display Carton of 9 "Big Boss" Hollow Round Noodles - Blue and Yellow BBN 9HR
Display Carton with 12 Bags of 2 Connectors Per Bag TWLCA-2 

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