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Gladon Cover Loc Jr

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Gladon's Cover Loc Jr.

Secures Pool Covers
Extends Pool Cover Life
Eliminates Unsightly Plastic Bottles
Restricts Wind Lift
Reduces Top Rail Abrasion
Superior To One Piece Clips

Gladon Cover Loc JR's are a smaller version of the unique, highly effective Gladon Cover Loc System. Made of 5 inch long sections instead of 42 inch sections, Cover Loc JR's are an economical alternative to other less effective one piece designs. However, Cover Loc JR's do not offer as much wind blocking and holding power of the full length Cover Loc System.Cover Loc

Cover Loc JR's are designed to last for years and consist of interlocking 5 inch long male and female parts made with a flexible, UV stabilized resin. Male cover loc JR's are snapped onto a pools top rails and female cover loc JR's snap over the cover onto the male parts. This two-piece design offers more holding power than any other cover clip.

Installation is a snap! Just install a minimum of three male cover loc JR's per top rail. Next, place the cover over the pool and top rails. Finally, snap female cover loc JR's over the cover onto the male pieces. Just pull on the excess cover material to remove female cover locs.

Packaged in hanging bags, 12 sets per bag, Cover Locs JR's are easy to sell.



Case Contains 50 Display Bags of 12 Cover Loc Jr's CLJR 5012B

Watch An Instructional Video From Zagers Pool & Spa On Cover Loc Installation