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Spa CoverSaverô

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Spa CoverSaverô

Extends Spa Cover Life
Saves Energy
Save Chemicals
Does Not Absorb Moisture
Light Weight
Trims Easily to Fit Any Spa Shape
Seamless One Piece Design
Rolls Up For Easy Storage

Gladonís Spa CoverSaver is designed to float on the surface of the water in your spa. The CoverSaver protects your expensive spa cover from the chemicals in your spa water, extending cover life. At the same time it reduces water evaporation and the loss of spa chemicals. The CoverSaver works with your main cover to limit heat loss, saving expensive energy. Our Spa CoverSaver can reduce heat loss by up to 80%, compared to an uncovered spa.

The CoverSaver is made from a closed cell insulating foam, bonded to an impervious layer of an advanced polymer material. This unique composition resists the absorption of moisture and chemicals.

Compared to "bubble wrap" material, the CoverSaver will last longer while insulating better.

The Spa CoverSaver can easily be trimmed to fit any spa shape.

Customer Testimonial

I have noticed that your cover saves the permanent cover from all of the chemicals and water absorption day to day, which I am sure will extend the life of the cover. I have also noticed that I get on average about one to two degrees higher then what I set the temperature. (My temperature is set at 100 and with your cover it generally is 101-102 depending on the weather outside) My best guess on a cost savings is about 15% per month in heating our hot tub. Yearly the cost is about $360.00 and savings would be about $55.00.

I highly recommend your product to anyone that has a pool or a hot tub. - DR

Description SKU #
88" X 72" CoverSaver CS88X72
88" X 84" CoverSaver CS88X84
88" X 96" CoverSaver CS88X96
88" X 144" CoverSaver CS88X144
88" X 360 Feet - Bulk Roll CSROLL

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